Upcoming Firewalk Events

Here’s all the details of the upcoming firewalk events and courses you can find us at

A full calendar of all our upcoming events can be found here, and over at our sister Physical Inspired Metaphors site – click through for further details.


Don’t see the firewalk event you’re looking for?

We’re happy to work with you to create a firewalking event that will meet your needs. Feel free to get in touch with details and we’ll happily assist you to arrange your own firewalk, or find lots more details here

Firewalk Instructor Training

Physical Inspired Metaphors

Our 4 day P.I.M. course equips you with everything you need to enable you to facilitate Firewalks and other breakthrough activities, and leads to full Firewalk Instructor certification.  If you would prefer to take part in a traditional Firewalk Instructor Training course feel free to get in touch as we are happy to connect you with a trainer who can offer this too.