Arrange An Event

Firewalking events are ideal for a range of occasions

and it is our pleasure to work alongside organisations big & small, individuals, and charities, to provide events fully catering for their own goals and plans, suited 100% to their attendees.

Firewalking Events are not just about Firewalking! And can also include

  • Wooden boards breaking with the hand
  • Archery arrow breaking with the throat
  • Focus activities
  • Broken glass walking
  • Death fall

Team Building and Empowerment Seminars

Our truly original seminars run from between 2-6 hours, enabling everyone that participates to grow within themselves, as well as solidifying a deep bond with other members of the group. Results include

  • Breakthrough of limiting beliefs
  • Increased levels of confidence and self-belief
  • Enhanced group dynamics
  • Greatly improved focus
  • Overcoming fear
  • Spiritual growth
  • Goal setting & obtainment
  • Improved motivation
  • Additional encouragement and support

Personal events and parties

Firewalking events are a great way of marking a special occasion, or bringing together a group in your community, in a truly unique way. Suitable for a range of venues from large gardens, hotel grounds, or a school playground or field, a firewalk is a wonderful way of bringing people together for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Firewalks are suitable for most occasions, but we are unable to host walks for groups if alcohol or drugs have been consumed.  However, we fully support a celebratory glass of bubbles for after the walk!

Charity Firewalks

We are passionate about using our skills to enable charities to raise LOTS of money. A charity firewalk can raise £10,000+ for your cause, and we have a page on our site dedicated to charities – check it out

All public firewalking events that we are involved with are given a dedicated page on our website to enable promotion and bookings.

Firewalk Instructor Training

Physical Inspired Metaphors

Our 4 day P.I.M. course equips you with everything you need to enable you to facilitate Firewalks and other breakthrough activities, and leads to full Firewalk Instructor certification.  If you would prefer to take part in a traditional Firewalk Instructor Training course feel free to get in touch as we are happy to connect you with a trainer who can offer this too.