Arrow Break

What does a Firewalker do when they’re not firewalking?…..

Well that’s a good question, why didn’t I think of that myself? 😉

But really, firewalking isn’t the only breakthrough activity we’re qualified to run, and one of my favourites is Arrow Breaking with the throat.

People are often confused when I mention this if they haven’t seen it taking place before – they can’t quite picture how you could break an arrow using your throat. The simplest way to describe it is by letting you have a look, and all the videos here are less that 15 seconds – arrow breaking doesn’t take long.


As you can see, the point of the arrow is placed on the throat, while the fletched end is placed against a wall, and the arrow is then broken by the person taking part – for many this is an extremely scary activity to take part in.

Our mouths and faces are such personal, private areas, and our throats so gentle and sensitive, many really think this activity should be impossible! Some think they will retch, some think they won’t be able to break it, some are just worried it will hurt, but the one thing they all have in common is that when they stand up to break the arrow, everyone is seriously scared.

Sometimes I get asked if they are real arrows – yes, they are. Of course our qualified team is very careful to use the right diameter and wood to ensure nobody hurts themselves, and it’s always really important to have a qualified faciltator around when you’re going to be doing activities like these!


So why would anyone want to break an arrow with their throat I hear you cry! Silvia from did her Arrow Break at the end of the year – this is what she posted with her video on Facebook

I have enjoyed my 2014. I learned so much and feel like having arrived in ‘My Happy Place’. It is still up and down, but much less extreme and rocky, and my life feels so much more stable and balanced. I am blessed with wonderful friends and family. This year I am looking forward to taking new opportunities and stepping out of my comfort zone even more. To me it’s all about feeling alive, and that can only be felt when leaving the place that feels familiar and safe



The great thing about arrow breaking is that it can be revisited – sometimes we will get someone who finds it to challenging to break the arrow.  That’s ok. But it’s exceptionally touching to see them get back up at the end of the workshop, and have another go supported and cheered on by others in the room who have by now completed there arrow break.

I’ll leave you with a video of someone breaking their arrow second time around.

Lots of people don’t understand what we mean when we mention arrow breaking, so a share of this post to spread the word would be much appreciated

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  2 comments for “Arrow Break

  1. June 20, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    WOW! That looks empowering! To realize you can break an arrow with your throat must make you feel strong! I’m watching the videos and the expressions after are amazing!!
    Robyn recently posted…☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 12My Profile

  2. June 20, 2015 at 8:39 pm

    The whole thing looks fantastic. The support sounds amazing.
    Wendy Tomlinson recently posted…What are you tolerating, putting up with and what is incomplete?My Profile

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