Lottie Moore

Firewalk Events

The First Step

Today I saw a Pepsi advert – and it had Firewalking in it! šŸ™‚ It was Usher Firewalking no less. Now I don’t want you all to run out and buy Pepsi BUT I am going to share the advert with you, because it makes a great point. It uses the phrase #HoldMyPepsi to represent someone preparing to take the… Read more →

Fireball with Kevin Axtell

Kevin Axtell I’m really looking forward to this evening as I’m going to be speaking with Kevin Axtell. #ExcitedMuch! Kevin is co-founder of the firewalking centreĀ in California, along with the father of modern firewalking Tolly BurkanĀ – Ā having led firewalks all around the globe, and gained numerous tv credits to his name, there are few people alive today with as much… Read more →

Sweat Lodge Experience

Have you ever wondered what Firewalk Facilitators do when they are not firewalking? Unlike most professions we are very thinly spread on the ground, which can mean we don’t get to get together very often – but, just like our work, when we do get the chance we tend to play full out. Earlier today I had a great opportunity… Read more →

James from Firewalking Events

Who CAN’T Firewalk?

One question that I get asked often, particularly on the run up to an event, is “is there anyone who can’t Firewalk?” Whether it’s because of disability, age, or illness, some people will worry whether they are ‘ok’ to Firewalk, or what the ‘rules’ are. If this is you, or someone you know, you’re just thinking of holding an event,… Read more →

Charity firewalk

Dare To Change

Dare To Change Today I saw a very short video that was nothing to do with Firewalking, and yet it really summed up to me the difference Firewalking can make in people’s lives. People have lots of reasons to take part in a Firewalk, some for personal development, some to raise money for a cause close to their heart, some… Read more →

Arrow Break

What does a Firewalker do when they’re not firewalking?….. Well that’s a good question, why didn’t I think of that myself? 😉 But really, firewalking isn’t the only breakthrough activity we’re qualified to run, and one of my favourites is Arrow Breaking with the throat. People are often confused when I mention this if they haven’t seen it taking place… Read more →

Firewalking team

What’s involved in a Firewalk

Fire Walk Funnies Whenever I get involved in conversations about firewalk events, there always seems to be a few that really make me laugh – I am reminded that very few people know what is involved in making a Fire Walk happen. I guess a couple of years ago I was in exactly the same situation, so I thought it… Read more →

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